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The journal reports on research findings and practical experience with issues from vocational education and training, thus fostering an exchange between education research, day-to-day education practice and education policy.

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Migration and integration (BWP 2/2024)

Coverbild: BWP 2/2024

21.2 million people with a history of immigration were living in Germany in 2023. As a country of immigration, how is Germany seeking to shape their integration? And what contribution is being made by vocational education and training in this regard?
This issue of BWP presents relevant research results and practical concepts. A particular focus is placed on the young people who have sought refuge in Germany since 2015/16. Aspects of consideration will include their points of access to initial and continuing VET, the factors which impede and foster participation, and measures aimed at encouraging integration.
The articles provide numerical data which forms the basis for an objective debate on what has been achieved thus far and on the remaining challenges in respect of sustainably promoting integration in and via vocational education and training.


Special Focus

“We must strengthen the preparedness of our democracy”

Interview with Reem Alabali-Radovan, Integration Commissioner of the Federal Government

Oliver Winkler

Beyond dreams? On the correlation between duration of stay and the vocational training aspirations of 17-year-old refugees

Regina Becker

Education and training histories and transitions of young refugees in Germany

Robin Busse; Julia Bock-Schappelwein; Marlise Kammermann

Access to vocational education and training for refugees

Insights into Germany, Austria and Switzerland

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Gerburg Benneker; Susanne Heinzelmann; Julian Lenz

Interconnectedness in all directions – experiences with network structures in supporting refugees in training

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Mona Massumi

Requirements for (trainee) teachers within the context of current migration

Elisabeth Maué; Stephan Schumann

Successfully mastering training

Impacts of student mentoring on the professional and personal development of trainees and on their integration

Jens Behning; Saskia Lischewski

Precisely tailored language support for work and training

Occupationally related language courses offered by BAMF

Dominik Harder; Lydia Schmidt

Integration through professional recognition? Factors influencing participation in employment by immigrant skilled workers

From research and practice

Anja Walter; Martin Fritzenwanker

Occupational field analysis as a foundation for didactic considerations in nursing training

Alexandra Uhly; Frank Neises

Flexibilisation of dual VET via part-time training

What effects are being revealed in wake of the new statutory regulations from 2020?

Regina Dionisius; Amelie Illiger

Combined statistics permit an expanded view of vocational education and training

The most popular training occupations


Profile of an occupation – management assistant in e-commerce

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