BWP 1/2022

Migration of skilled workers

Coverbild: BWP 1/2022

Germany is reliant on immigration in order to cover its qualified skilled worker requirements. But how can skilled worker demand and supply be successfully aligned on the German labour market? How can the competencies and qualifications of migrants be adequately evaluated, and how can the potential they offer be exploited? The tenth anniversary of the Recognition Act in 2022 provides an ideal opportunity to address these questions. The intention, however, is not merely to examine this particular immigration route. A focus will also be placed on looking beyond the Recognition Act to examine other strategies and instruments for the recruitment, training and integration of the foreign labour supply. The general prevailing structural conditions, initiatives at company level and guidance provision will all form objects of consideration.


Special Focus

Petra Bendel

“We need to create more regular immigration channels.”

Interview with Professor Petra Bendel, Chair of the Research Council of German Foundations for Integration and Migration (SVR)

Vera Hanewinkel

Labour migration to the Federal Republic of Germany – from the beginnings to the present day

Eugenie Becker; Johannes Graf

The Skilled Immigration Act – legal changes and initial findings regarding quantitative development

Eric Schuß

Educational investments of migrants to Germany – implications for the Skilled Immigration Act

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Alexander Studthoff

Immigration for the purpose of training – what does the route into German vocational education and training from third countries look like?

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Silvia Niediek

Well prepared for a long-term stay

The private education and training sector is underpinning efforts to recruit persons interested in training from abroad

Johanna Elsässer; Daniela Wiemers

Ten years of the Recognition Act

A transparent and low-threshold structure of provision has been the key success factor

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Christian Gerhards; Kathrin Weis

Company strategies and instruments for the employment of skilled workers from a migrant background

Results from the 2020 BIBB Training Panel

Ute Galonski; Wolfram Gießler; Sylvia Wemhöner

Diversity is normal – pathways to operational integration competence in hospitals and care institutions

Tanja Fendel; Parvati Trübswetter

Employment potential of migrants who have come to Germany for family reasons – a neglected dimension?

Canan Uluğ

Recognising female migrants as skilled workers

Promoting participation in the labour market in line with qualifications

Anna Rommel

Young refugees are a target group for Bavarian and Swabian companies providing training

From research and practice

Johanna Mölls

DQR quo vadis?

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Marlise Kammermann; Barbara E. Stalder; Marie-Theres Schönbächler

Using preliminary integration apprenticeships to help secure a supply of skilled workers

Results from the Swiss pilot programme INVOL


Profile of an occupation – geomatician

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The Board of BIBB

Thomas Vollmer

Report on the Board Meeting held on 15 December 2021