BWP 4/2013

Attractiveness of vocational education

Coverbild: BWP 4/2013

Dual vocational education and training is regarded internationally as an extremely successful training model. Just what makes the system so attractive and how can it be further fostered? The papers included in the latest issue of “Vocational Training in Research and Practice” (BWP) address this question from a range of different angles. The BWP interview provides the trainees themselves with an opportunity to have their say and describe their own expectations, experiences and prospects. Current research results on the willingness of companies to offer training and on company commitment in this area are presented. At an international level, experiences from Austria and Switzerland are taken into account and assessments of the attractiveness of VET in European comparative terms are portrayed.
In his Editorial, BIBB President Friedrich H. Esser points out that no growth in the dual system is discernible despite the pleasing developments in the German education and training system. He calls for young people to be made more aware of vocational education and training as an attractive career option and demands the implementation of necessary reforms.
Further topics included in the present issue deal with aspects such as coordination strategies for the development and realisation of the German Qualifications Framework and the modernised training occupations that entered into force on 1 August 2013.
A special supplement on the VET policy positions adopted with regard to the German General Election of 2013 is also provided and is available for download free of charge.