BWP 2/2023

Vocational orientation

Coverbild: BWP 2/2023

Choosing an appropriate occupation is preceded by a complex orientation and decision-making process. Reflecting on young people’s occupational perceptions and the factors influencing their choices and facilitating practical experiences in the world of work are helpful in terms of strengthening their career choice competency and expanding the spectrum of occupations available to them. But how can this process at the transition from school to training be structured successfully? Which instruments and general conditions are proving conducive in this regard? This issue of BWP focuses on the effectiveness of vocational orientation approaches. Research findings and practical experiences are presented and scrutinised for this purpose.

Special Focus

Anne Berngruber; Irene Hofmann-Lun

Growing up in a pandemic – challenges to young people’s transition to independence and everyday practices

Birgit Ziegler

Implicit and explicit theoretical references in vocational orientation measures

Janina Beckmann; Alba Estela Esteve; Mona Granato

Can role models increase young women’s interest in IT training occupations?

“VET ambassadors” as an example of career orientation based on social approval

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Katja Driesel-Lange; Jerusha Klein; Volker Gehrau

Let’s talk! How conversation can act as an engine in vocational orientation

“Continuity of process is the key to successful vocational orientation”

An interview with Matthias Labs, coordinator of higher education and vocational orientation at the Schweizer Allee Upper Secondary School in Dortmund

Carolin Kunert; Jörn Sommer

Reflection reinforces the effectiveness of analyses of potential

Results of the Intervention Study (ISPA)

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Claudia Kalisch; Lisa-Marie Pilz; Tobias Prill

“Mission ICH” – implementation of a holistic approach towards vocational orientation at schools in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

Frank Neises; Ulrich Weiß

Youth between upheaval and stagnation

Encouraging young people to assume responsibility for their employment biography at the transition from school to work

Susanne Dorn; Katarzyna Rogacka-Michels

Supporting immigrant parents in vocational orientation

A new format from Hamburg introduces multilingual digital events

Melanie Hochmuth

Work experience placements as a success factor in terms of realising the transition to vocational education and training

From research and practice

Robyn Schmidt

The dual training system in urban and rural areas

Markus Kamann; Beate Göke

Operating across sectors – personal – practical. Training marketing in rural areas

Experiences from the BANG StarterCenter in Delbrück


Christiane Reuter

Virtual product development in the clothing and fashion industry – a requirement for a training occupation?

Profile of an occupation – hotel management clerk

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The Board of BIBB

Thomas Vollmer

Brief report on the Board Meeting held on 24 March 2023