BWP 3/2018

Trainers in VET

Coverbild: BWP 3/2018

The quality of training depends on the competence of training staff. This issue of the BWP dedicates a key subject to them. How has the day-to-day of training changed in the era of inclusion and Industry 4.0? What new challenges are emerging and with which self-concepts are trainers and teachings approaching their work? And are they prepared to face these technological and pedagogical challenges? The contributions in this issue attempt to provide answers to these questions.


Vocational education and training in figures

Stephanie Matthes; Joachim Gerd Ulrich

Will greater mobility solve the matching problems in the training market?

Special Focus

Nadia Lamamra; Barbara Duc; Carmen Baumeler

Vocational trainers in Switzerland – the invisible socialisation agents

“The approach involves nurturing an individual's resources in the best possible way”

Interview with Magdalena Fuchs Genzoli, training coordinator in the Sunneziel Meggen nursing home and centre for the elderly

Andreas Diettrich; Stefan Harm

Occupational-pedagogic support and quality development

The work and demands placed on company-based training personnel

Christina Jacober

Qualification and career opportunities for vocational trainers

The AdA system of the Swiss Federation for Adult Learning.

Andreas Breiter; Falk Howe; Michael Härtel

Media and IT competence of company-based training personnel

Stephan Dietrich

Digital transformation and support requirements from the perspective of company-based training personnel

Lessons learned from the BMBF programme JOBSTARTER plus

“Technically the very best and open to new challenges”

Interview with Hans-Werner Ruhkopf, Head of Initial and Continuing Vocational Education and Training, MAN Academy Salzgitter

Franziska Kupfer; Thomas Neuhaus

Trainer qualification using info films in the web portal

Sabrina Schuster

Campaigning for training – the trainer portal of the Association of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce and the National Agency for Continuing VET in the Skilled Crafts

Continuing education and training provision for training personnel

“As trainers we must motivate young people”

Interview with Björn Sach, trainer in inter-company instruction at the Soest training centre

Meta Cehak-Behrmann

Language support in vocational education and training

The project “Language support integrated in work and training in Hesse”

Monika Bethscheider; Karin Wullenweber

Language, culture and communication in training

Development and trialling of further training provision for company-based trainers

Mike Metzger

Supporting and monitoring learning processes

Individual initial and continuing vocational education and training advisers in the dm consortium

Other Themes

Gudrun Schönfeld; Marion Thiele

Company-based continuing training in Europe: Germany ranked in the upper mid-range

Sirikit Krone

Career entry and plans following a dual course of study


Gunther Spillner; Manfred Zimmermann

Management assistants for e-commerce – a new training occupation from 1 August 2018

The Board of BIBB

Thomas Vollmer

Report on the Board Meeting 1/2018 held in Bonn on 15 March 2018


Future of work – future of vocational education and training

Snapshots of the podium participants at the BIBB congress