Creating continuing education that is aligned towards needs at institutes of higher education

The »Higher Education Regional Monitor« supports the identification of regional requirements

Coverbild: BWP 1/2018
Ausgabe/Jahr (Jahrgang) 1/2018 (47)
Seite(n) 39-42

Participation in continuing education exhibits considerable regional differences. This strongly suggests that there are variances in continuing education needs at a regional level. A knowledge of the continuing education requirements within a particular region offers areas of potential for institutes of higher education to deliver tailored provision at a local level and thus aid regional development. However, how can continuing education provision at institutes of higher education be harmonised in a targeted way so as to meet the requirements and interests of the population and the need for a supply of skilled workers? Such an approach for the Western Palatinate region has been designed within the scope of the EB project. This article describes the background to and methodological implementation of the project. It also provides an example of how the Regional Monitor can be used to identify needs for continuing education provision in the form of the “Digital Management” programme being offered at the Technical University of Kaiserslautern.