BWP 1/2020

Continuing vocational education and training

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If individuals and companies are to help shape the changes that are taking place in work and employment and keep up with events, the challenges they face in terms of investing in competence development are greater than ever. The National Continuing Training Strategy has even gone so far as to proclaim a new continuing training culture. What general conditions are individuals and companies currently experiencing? And how does continuing training need to be organised in future in order to be able to offer both appropriate provision and, above all, the right overall framework?



“We need a more imaginative dialogue between research, policy making and practice”

Interview with Professor Josef Schrader on the National Continuing Training Strategy

Michael Cordes

Funding for continuing vocational training in Germany – between funding structure and systematisation

Bernd Käpplinger

Continuing training guidance – a mantra or a manifest need?

Frauke Bilger; Alexandra Strauß

A change of trend in continuing training behaviour in East-West comparative terms?

Results from the current Adult Education Survey

Marco Seegers

Substitution risk and continuing training behaviour in the digital shift

What are the gender-specific differences?

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Myriam Baum; Felix Lukowski

Company-based continuing training for employees performing unskilled tasks in the wake of digitalisation

Stefan Baron

The Training Opportunities Act – the more open, the better

Stefan Koscheck

Training Opportunities Act – are the right prerequisites in place on the provider side?

Julia Flasdick

Upgrading training as an attractive prospect for those with experience of higher education

From research and practice

Elisabeth Maué; Stephan Schumann

Career preferences of young and adult refugees

Jana Förster-Kuschel; Bärbel Fürstenau

What feelings do company-based trainers have towards dealing with the heterogeneity of learners?

Sven Böttcher

Digital building information models in inter-company training

Results from the nationwide BAU’S MIT BIM pilot project


Verena Schneider; Henrik Schwarz

Revision of the IT continuing training system – options at different levels

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Profile of an occupation – Packaging materials technologist

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The Board of BIBB

Thomas Vollmer

Report on the 3/2019 Board Meeting on 11 December 2019 in Bonn