Vocational orientation at Science Centres

Potential offered by the RIASEC Model for the employment-oriented identification of occupationally-related skills

Coverbild: BWP 2/2018
Issue/Year (Volume) 2/2018 (47)
Page(s) 47-50

Science Centres provide an opportunity to explore the world and its phenomena via interactive exhibits. They also offer a fun and interactive way for visitors to learn something about their own abilities. At the “experimenta” Science Centre in Heilbronn, the search for talent is currently being further developed on the basis of the RIASEC model. This is a system which is deployed in the field of vocational guidance, and the aim is to make greater use of it to explore occupationally-related skills. This article outlines the basic principles of the model and illustrates how it is being implemented within the context of the exhibition. It concludes by reflecting upon the areas of potential afforded by this provision within the scope of vocational orientation processes.