Part-time training in nursing – target groups and organisational questions

Coverbild: BWP 1/2023
Issue/Year (Volume) 1/2023 (52)
Page(s) 46-50

Given the shortage of skilled workers in nursing, part-time training is allied with the hope of acquiring further target groups. Nevertheless, there is an absence of systematic findings relating to the target group, to the structure of the provision and to organisation. The part-time nursing training project Teilzeit in der Pflegeausbildung (TiPa) adopts a methodologically integrative research approach. To this end, systematic literature and document research was carried out, as well as a nationwide survey of schools, practical institutions and trainees. The project results presented in the article provide information on the target groups of the part-time provision, set out part-time models being pursued, and explore the general conditions governing implementation.