Pedagogical qualification of company-based training staff

Impetuses from the Bavarian pilot seminars of the 1970s viewed from today’s perspective

Coverbild: BWP 4/2021
Issue/Year (Volume) 4/2021 (50)
Page(s) 50-53

There is a broad consensus within VET practice, policy and research that trainers need to have sufficient pedagogical training in order to carry out their complex tasks. A lesser degree of agreement exists in respect of how this training should be structured and organised and also with regard to whether it should be stipulated or standardised. Relevant benchmarks were set 50 years ago by pilot seminars, which were developed and conducted on behalf of the Bavarian State Ministry for Labour and Social Affairs. Looking back today, it is clear that these benchmarks remain conspicuously “up-to-date” from a didactic and conceptual point of view and from a systematic perspective in particular.