BWP 1/2019

Routes into vocational education and training

Coverbild: BWP 1/2019

How will vocational education and training fulfil the objective of offering initial VET for everyone and of facilitating relevant career prospects? In the light of falling training figures, this issue investigates the question of which young people opt VET, what their motives are for doing so and how they find a route into training. At the same time, it also focuses on the types of support provision that makes it easier for young people to gain this access.


Vocational education and training in figures

Regina Dionisius; Stephanie Oeynhausen; Frank Neises

More and more refugees in vocational education and training – which figures are the right ones?

Special Focus

Julian Marciniak; Rebekka Steiner; Andreas Hirschi

Career choice readiness of young people – which factors are important for a successful career choice?

Matthias Rübner; Stefan Höft

Career choice readiness of young people in vocational preparation schemes

Initial situation, development and success criteria

Annalisa Schnitzler

Upper secondary certificate, and then what?

Factors which induce upper secondary school leavers to enter vocational education and training

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Birgit Reinbothe; Simone Danek; Gunda Fischer

Supporting young people and companies at the start of training

Experiences from implementing the special “Future chance assisted training” concept adopted by Saxony-Anhalt

Sophie Krug von Nidda

What influence do company selection criteria have on application success by young people from a migrant background?

Klaus Kohlmeyer

Berlin needs you!

Piloting new points of access to training

Digital trainee marketing

Interview with Christopher Knieling on new recruitment strategies in the chemical sector

Karin Linde

Part-time training pathways – challenges and experiences in North Rhine-Westphalia

Marco Blasczyk; Alfred Will

yourPUSH – from the lecture theatre to dual vocational education and training

New pathways for higher education doubters

Other Themes

Digital world – education and work in transformation societies

Interview with Prof. Dr. Ulrike Buchmann on the occasion of the 20th University Conference on Vocational Education and Training

Constanza Correa Sarmiento; Martin Klede; Henrik Schwarz

Introduction of dual elements into vocational education and training in Paraguay

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Bodo Rödel; Christian Woll

VET Repository as a central storage location for Open Access publications relating to vocational education and training

BIBB’s new specialist information service goes online


Verena Schneider; Henrik Schwarz

The IT continuing training system – in need of reform

The Board of BIBB

Thomas Vollmer

Report on the 3/2018 Board Meeting on 12 December 2018 in Bonn