BWP Special Edition

VET Trends 2018

Coverbild: BWP Special Edition

This special edition singles out some of the current subjects to be discussed within the professional community and by the interested public at national, European and international level. The articles address two topics that are of permanent concern in international cooperation (Future of Work-Based Learning and Financing VET) and two further issues that have become highly pertinent over recent years (Digital Transformation – VET 4.0 and Migration and Integration). By pointing out these topics and publishing them in English, we hope to give you an insight in trends and progress within the German system of vocational education and training (VET) and to encourage the discussion on many levels.


Digital Transformation - VET 4.0

Felix Lukowski; Caroline Neuber-Pohl

Digital technologies make work more demanding

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Henrik Schwarz; Stephanie Conein; Herbert Tutschner

Modernisation of the IT occupations in the age of 4.0

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Olaf Katzer; Stefan Kreher; Gert Zinke

Initial training for the digitalised work

Example: skilled workers supporting production in the automobile industry

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Andreas Breiter; Falk Howe; Michael Härtel

Media-pedagogical competence of company-based training staff

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Future of Work-Based Learning

Birgit Thomann

The revised UNESCO Recommendation on Technical and Vocational Education and Training is of interest to all of us!

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Friedrich Hubert Esser

Issues for the future of vocational education and training

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Monika Hackel; Miriam Mpangara

The training occupation as the basis for lifelong learning in the employment biography

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Isabelle Le Mouillour

Dual vocational education and training systems in Europe facing similar challenges

Approaches towards reform in Austria and Denmark

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Financing VET

Normann Müller; Felix Wenzelmann; Anika Jansen

Financing of vocational education and training in Germany

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Anika Jansen; Steffen Horn; Thi Hoang Nguyen Nguyen

Costs and benefits of company-based training in Vietnam

Chances and limitations of applying the BIBB cost-benefit model

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Michael Schwarz; Felix Wenzelmann; Maricris V. Capistrano

Dualised training programmes on the Philippines

How can they be consolidated by increasing cost and benefit transparency?

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Migration an Integration

Ursula Beicht

Young people from a migrant background – chances on the training market

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Julia Gei; Stephanie Matthes

Refugees on their way into training – what support do they want?

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Carolin Böse; Dinara Tursarinow; Tom Wünsche

Recognizing vocational qualifications of refugees – examples from “Prototyping Transfer”

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Julia Lubjuhn; Katharina Moraht

Using simple language to manage the recognition process

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