BWP 1/2021

Core competencies

Coverbild: BWP 1/2021

Increasing emphasis is being placed on cross-cutting competencies within the context of coping with change in the world of work. But which competencies are involved, and where does their specific potential lie? The articles included in this issue discuss the interplay between core competencies and occupation-specific professional knowledge and skills and illustrate how core competencies can be fostered in company-based initial and continuing training.

Special Focus

Philip Heßen

“Individual responsibility and interplay within teams are the cornerstone of our success”

An interview with Philip Heßen, Head of HR Strategy & Transformation at Merck KGaA, Darmstadt

Agnes Dietzen

The tense relationship between occupation-specific and cross occupational competences

Discourses in vocational education and training and unresolved issues

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Ursula Scharnhorst

Transversal competencies – necessary, desirable and difficult to achieve

Rolf Arnold

The epistemological shift in vocational education and training – a plea

Elke Schwing

Keeping up to speed in the face of constant change

Importance of core competencies in company-based training at Roche

Luca Spliethoff; Inga Glogger-Frey; Stephan Abele

How do trainees work together to solve work problems?

Collaboration in the diagnosis of motor vehicle malfunctions

Anja Hall

Foreign language requirements in the world of work

Results of the 2006, 2012 and 2018 BIBB/BAuA Employment Surveys

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From research and practice

Peter Janßen; Jan Wegner

Continuing training for the digital world of work in the chemical industry

Certified course in “Digitalisation and networked production”

Gesa Münchhausen; Gudrun Schönfeld

Digital learning at companies – implementation and challenges

Results of an additional CVTS5 survey

Judith Offerhaus

Fostering young scholars for the vocational education and training of the future

The BIBB Graduate Programme

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Julia Himstedt; Isabelle Le Mouillour

Vocational education and training in times of global crisis

A preliminary evaluation of the German Presidency of the EU Council

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Markus Bretschneider; Stephanie Conein; Monika Hackel

Continuity and mutability of dual occupational profiles – the contribution of regulatory work

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Hannelore Mottweiler

Organising wholesale and foreign trade transactions in Germany and abroad

The modernised training occupation of wholesale and foreign trade manager

Profile of an occupation – pharmaceutical technician

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The Board of BIBB

Thomas Vollmer

Report on the Special Board Meeting of 17 November 2020 and on the Board Meeting of 15 December 2020