BWP 3/2017

Future of vocational education and training

Coverbild: BWP 3/2017

Core elements of the dual system are used as a basis to illustrate perspectives for the development of vocational education and training in order to make skilled worker training in Germany a future-proof central pillar.


Vocational education and training in figures

Regina Dionisius; Amelie Illiger

Stages of education and training between completion of lower secondary education and working life

Trend towards upskilling has stabilised, more young people in the transitional sector once again

Special Focus

Perspectives for vocational education and training

Educational policy statements from the four parties represented in the German Bundestag

Monika Hackel; Miriam Mpangara

The training occupation as the basis for lifelong learning in the employment biography

Hartmut Sturm; Alena Billon; Alexander Busenbender

Making sure no one is left behind – combining all competences

Support provision offered by the Hamburg Youth Employment Agency at the transition from school to work

Veronika Litschel

Participation in training made statutorily mandatory in Austria as part of reform to the transition between school and work

Aims, opportunities, risks

Dirk Oswald

Further development of the vocational school and securing dual training on a broad footing

The Vocational School 2020 pilot project in Rhineland Palatinate

Carmen Baumeler; Irene Kriesi; Antje Barabasch

Vocational education and training careers beyond academisation

Incentives for the profiling of upgrading training from a Swiss perspective

Isabelle Le Mouillour

Dual vocational education and training systems in Europe facing similar challenges

Approaches towards reform in Austria and Denmark

Other Themes

Jacqueline Lettau

Educational and training pathways following premature dissolution of a training contract

Monique Landberg; Peter Noack

Extra-company training as a starting point for lifelong learning


Hannelore Mottweiler

Translation services in the digital shift

Competence profiles and examination modules in the new advanced training regulations for the qualification of certified translator

The Board of BIBB

Thomas Vollmer

Report on the Board Meeting 1/2017 held in Bonn on 10 March 2017