Education service providers in changing structures

From Betriebsfachschule (company technical school) to federally active network partner of centres of excellence – the example of the EBZ

Coverbild: BWP 5/2015
Ausgabe/Jahr (Jahrgang) 5/2015 (44)
Seite(n) 40-43

Inter-company vocational training centres make a significant contribution in many ways to the initial and continuing education and training of skilled workers. Using the example of the Dresden-based Elektrobildungs- und Technologiezentrum e. V. (Electrical Training and Technology Centre, EBZ), the paper sheds light on the establishment and expansion of an inter-company vocational training centre in the process of development after German reunification. In particular, reference is made to how changing conditions and new challenges favoured the step-by-step establishment of the EBZ both in the region and in nationwide networks, so that there was a gradual adaptation and expansion of educational opportunities. In conclusion, the paper outlines prospects for further networking at an international level.