BWP 2/2021

Impacts of the coronavirus pandemic

Coverbild: BWP 2/2021

The coronavirus pandemic is also creating major challenges for vocational education and training. These relate to developments on the training market and also to aspects such as distance teaching and learning and training within individual occupations and sectors. As in many areas of society, the crisis has shed an especially clear light on problem situations, while at the same time, the pressure to seek rapid solutions has also generated considerable momentum. How much of this momentum will be retained and go on to leave a lasting mark on vocational education and training?


Special Focus

Horacy Dęmbowski; Elsa Eiríksdóttir; Rolando López Saldaña; Fernando Marhuenda Fluixá; Stephanie Matseleng Allais; Marianne Teräs; Juraj Vantuch; Pham Viet Ha

Impacts of the coronavirus pandemic on vocational education and training

Snapshots from eight countries

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Stefan C. Wolter

A training crisis which has not (yet) become a reality – Swiss experiences in the COVID-19 crisis

Tobias Maier

Does the COVID-19 crisis mark a turning point on the apprenticeship market?

A forecast of the possible development of new apprenticeship contracts up until 2030

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Kurt Schmid; Roland Löffler

A knight in shining armour?

The Vienna training consortium model as a response to the COVID-19 crisis

Alexandra Mergener; Stefan Winnige

The surge in Working from Home in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic

What are the long-term potentials for academically and vocationally qualified people?

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Miriam Hänni; Belinda Aeschlimann

Successful distance teaching from the perspective of staff at higher trade and technical schools in Switzerland

Edgar Hahn; Dina Kuhlee; Raphaela Porsch

Successful study outcomes and drop-out tendency of trainee teachers in light of the stresses experienced during the coronavirus pandemic

Michael Corsten; Sascha Oswald; Tobias Wittchen

Held back or challenged? Young adults rethinking the shape of their working future during the COVID-19 pandemic

Julia Raecke; Irina Volvakov

Stresses placed on medical assistants in their training during the coronavirus pandemic

From research and practice

Stefan Hofherr

Support during training

Take-up and requirements from the point of view of trainees

Sandra Liebscher; Janina Meyer; Britta van Erckelens

High Quality Institutes – the engine for qualitative further development of Vietnamese vocational education and training


Gert Zinke; Thomas Felkl

Craft Trades 4.0 and the new electrical engineering craft trade occupations

Profile of an occupation – recycling and waste management technician

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The Board of BIBB

Thomas Vollmer

Report on the Board Meeting held on 11 March 2021