BWP 4/2020

Cooperation between learning venues

Coverbild: BWP 4/2020

Vocational learning occurs in various places. Regional or higher education sector stakeholders may be involved alongside traditional learning venues such as schools, companies and inter-company training centres. Digital learning is also increasing. This offers new potential for cooperation between learning venues but creates challenges too. New concepts and forms of cooperation need to be established in order to continue raising the profile of vocational learning. BWP offers thought-provoking ideas and presents examples of good practice in this regard.


Special Focus

Matthias Rohs

“Cooperation between learning venues takes place in learners’ heads”

An interview with Professor Matthias Rohs on how learning venues and their structures are changing

Peter Dehnbostel

Learning venues and cooperation between learning venues – expansions and delimitations not exclusive to the digital age

Margit Ebbinghaus; Regina Dionisius

Company training cooperation agreements

Analyses of areas and patterns of cooperation based on the Reference Company System (RCS)

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Stephan Dietrich; Bernd Weiterer

Expanded cooperation between learning venues as an engine of digitalisation

Lessons learned from BMBF programme JOBSTARTER plus

Sigrid Bednarz; Katharina Kanschat

National InnoVET competition to deliver new impetuses for cooperation between learning venues

Marlis Kawohl; Karl Bronke; Zoé Klein

Promoting permeability by working cooperatively

Trans-sectoral and cross-cutting cooperation in the Weser Healthcare and Nursing Training Association

Peter F. E. Sloane; Dieter Euler; Tobias Jenert

Transfer and cooperation in a regional context

Experiences from research into local government education management

Desireé Jörke; Melanie Vielstich; Anzhela Preissler

Use and dissemination of the BLok online report book as part of cooperation between learning venues

From research and practice

Ermioni Athanasiadi; Teresa Schare; Joachim Gerd Ulrich

Training ambassador visits as vocational orientation tool

Demonstrating routes into an occupation, tapping into areas of potential for identification

Kristin Körner; Martin Schubert

Regional transition management: Establishing youth employment agencies in rural and urban districts

Experiences in Saxony-Anhalt

Felix Wenzelmann; Paula Risius

The extent to which employees are released from work for examiner tasks

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Sabine Krüger; Daniela Rohrbach-Schmidt; Christian Ebner

Reputation of educational qualifications – assessments contain gender-specific differences


Thomas Borowiec; Tina-Maria Schieder

Dental check-up

Is training in the occupation of qualified dental employee still up to date?

Profile of an occupation – bank clerk

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The Board of BIBB

Thomas Vollmer

Report on the Board Meeting 2/2020 held on 1 September 2020