Teaching environmental protection and sustainability

Scope and learning success in inter-company apprentice instruction in North-Rhine Westphalia

Teaching environmental protection and sustainability
Issue/Year (Volume) 3/2021 (50)
Pages 42-45
Language English

Environmental protection is traditionally established as a dimension of sustainability in craft trade occupations, thus forming an integral part of inter-company training in the sector. But to what extent is this imparted, and what learning success is achieved? This article presents the results of a 2019 evaluation of the firm establishment of environmental protection and sustainability in inter-company apprentice courses in North-Rhine Westphalia. It is clear that environmental protection and resource conservation are relevant components of practical instruction. Sustainable craft trade skills are, however, not the only focus. There is also emphasis on how to foster an understanding of sustainable actions at work and how to raise awareness for the necessity of such actions. Training staff are vital in successfully imparting knowledge.