Training ambassador visits as vocational orientation tool

Demonstrating routes into an occupation, tapping into areas of potential for identification

Training ambassador visits as vocational orientation tool
Issue/Year (Volume) 4/2020 (49)
Pages 40-44
Language English

A further vocational orientation tool is being established in Germany: trainees visit schools and talk to pupils about their occupations. This article presents the concept and uses the theory of impression management and self-to-prototype matching to explain the particular areas of potential it offers. The verdict is that training ambassador visits do not merely embrace the function of transmitting authentic information about an occupation. They also do a great deal to provide pupils with important indications from an identity psychology perspective. A clear and visual demonstration is offered as to what kinds of young people aspire to become plumbers, bakers, or management assistants in e-commerce. The article concludes by referring to a study which aims to investigate this approach in greater detail.