BWP 3/2015

Vocational education and training and higher education

Coverbild: BWP 3/2015

The relationship between vocational education and higher education has shifted. In 2013 for the first time, more young people in Germany opted for degree courses than for initial vocational training in the dual system. Moreover, higher education institutions are opening up to new target groups. Does this present opportunities for better permeability within the education system? How might the potentials of the two sectors of education be concentrated by more effective interlocking? And which perhaps new qualification profiles are emerging at the interface between higher and vocational education? These and other questions are taken up by the articles in this issue.


Vocational education and training in figures

Felix Wenzelmann; Gudrun Schönfeld

In-company training costs and organisation over the course of apprenticeship training

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Special Focus

Changing educational choices and their consequences

The President of BIBB, Friedrich Hubert Esser, in an expert dialogue with the educational historian Heinz-Elmar Tenorth

Gerd Zika; Tobias Maier; Robert Helmrich

Regional comparison of labour market opportunities for people with vocational and academic qualifications

Results of the BIBB-IAB Qualification and Occupational Field Projections

Walburga Katharina Freitag

Improving the accessibility of higher education by means of credit transfer and transition measures

Impulses from the Federal Ministry of Education’s ANKOM initiatives

Kim-Maureen Wiesner

Information and guidance for vocationally qualified applicants at the point of transition to higher education

Results from an ANKOM flanking study

Holger Lübbe; Helena Berg

From initial vocational training into higher education?

The significance of work experience as an admission criterion for those with vocational qualifications

Andreas van Nahl

Advancement grants: degree course funding for skilled workers with an initial vocational qualification

Margit Ebbinghaus; Bettina Milde; Moritz Winterhager

Dual initial vocational training following degree course dropout?

Findings of the BIBB Expert Monitor

Barbara Hemkes; Karl Wilbers; Gert Zinke

Building (and extending) bridges between higher and vocational education through cross-cutting education programmes

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Antje Leichsenring

Integration of vocational and higher education in dual courses of study

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Other Themes

Jasmin Montag; Matthis Morgenstern; Reiner Hanewinkel

Substance consumption and initial vocational training success

Christiane Eberhardt; Isabelle Le Mouillour

EU twinning in Ukraine

Results of a vocational education and training cooperation in an unsettled environment

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Oliver Wirthmann; Eva Schmidt

Cross-cultural competences in initial vocational training for funeral workers

The Board of BIBB

Gunther Spillner

Report on meeting 1/2015 of the Board of BIBB held on 13 March 2015 in Bonn