BWP Special Edition

VET Trends 2019

Coverbild: BWP Special Edition

This special edition singles out some of the current subjects to be discussed within the professional community and by the interested public at national, European and international level. The articles address three topics that have become highly pertinent over recent years (Digital Transformation – VET 4.0, Transitions to Work and International VET Reforms). By pointing out these topics and publishing them in English, we hope to give you an insight in trends and progress within the German system of vocational education and training (VET) and to encourage the discussion on many levels.


Digital Transformation - VET 4.0

Friedrich Hubert Esser

Digitalisation and AI are conducive to increasing the attractiveness of vocational education and training

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Gert Zinke

Changing inter-occupational competencies in the wake of the digital shift

Perspectives for the regulatory and implementation levels

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Stephanie Conein; Inga Schad-Dankwart

Similar and yet different – digitalisation and its consequences for individual occupational profiles

A comparison between industrial clerks and process mechanics

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Markus Bretschneider

“What happens in the field is crucial!”

Curricular and practical consequences of digitalisation and networking in agriculture

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Gunther Spillner; Manfred Zimmermann

Management assistants for e-commerce – a new training occupation from 1 August 2018

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Myriam Baum; Felix Lukowski

Which role do education and training play in the digital transformation process?

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Stephan Dietrich

Digital transformation and support requirements from the perspective of company-based training personnel

Lessons learned from the BMBF programme JOBSTARTER plus

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Transitions to Work

Hubert Ertl

Vocational education and training – a stepping stone to successful career pathways

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Guido Kirst; Carolin Kunert

Structuring and standardisation of vocational orientation

Evaluation-based design of a central action area for vocational education and training

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Annalisa Schnitzler

Upper secondary certificate, and then what?

Factors which induce upper secondary school leavers to enter vocational education and training

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Tobias Maier; Stefanie Steeg

Dual higher education study or advanced training – what increases the chances of career advancement?

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International VET Reforms

Constanza Correa Sarmiento; Martin Klede; Henrik Schwarz

Introduction of dual elements in vocational educationand training in Paraguay

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Eva Hanau; Seung-Hwan Jeon; Han-Byul Lee

Approaches to dual VET in tertiary education in South Korea

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Eszter Csépe-Bannert; Marthe Geiben

Introduction of dual training in Slovakia

Initial steps towards closer cooperation between schools and companies

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