Are all female occupations poorly paid?

Are all female occupations poorly paid?
Issue/Year (Volume) 4/2021 (50)
Pages 39-43
Language English

Occupations with a very high proportion of women are designated as female occupations. Average wages in female occupations are lower than in typical male occupations and in mixed occupations not dominated by women. No sufficient response has as yet been provided as to whether the income-reducing impact of a female occupation differs in accordance with qualifications level and specialist alignment of the occupation. This question forms the focus of the present article. On the basis of the 2018 BIBB/BAuA Labour Force Survey, it first investigates whether persons who have completed VET and who exercise a female occupation experience the same effect as the labour demand as a whole. Secondly, an analysis is conducted of the labour demand who have completed VET in order to discover whether all female occupations exhibit lower wages in equal measure or if any differences can be ascertained depending on the specialist alignment of the female occupation exercised.