“Cooperation between learning venues takes place in learners’ heads”

An interview with Professor Matthias Rohs on how learning venues and their structures are changing

“Cooperation between learning venues takes place in learners’ heads”
Issue/Year (Volume) 4/2020 (49)
Pages 8-10
Language English

The intertwining of theory and practice is a key characteristic of multi-venue vocational learning. This interplay is changing, not least as a result of digitalisation. Which opportunities and challenges are associated with this process from a didactic and institutional point of view? Professor Matthias Rohs, who holds a Chair of Adult Education at the TU Kaiserslautern, does not only look at learning venues in vocational education and training from an academic research perspective. He is also highly familiar with implementation issues relating to this topic thanks to his involvement in numerous development and consultancy projects and particularly because of his previous work in human resources development at Deutsche Telekom.