Training trainers for the digital shift

Development of innovative training concepts in the Q 4.0 NETWORK

Coverbild: BWP 4/2022
Ausgabe/Jahr (Jahrgang) 4/2022 (51)
Seite(n) 18-21

One of a trainer’s many tasks is to help young skilled workers cope with the digital shift. The training they receive helps them do this. The Q 4.0 NETWORK is a BMBF-funded project implemented by the German Institute for Business Research in close collaboration with 13 education and training institutes from within trade and industry and two further VET providers. It is developing appropriate provision to deal with this very requirement. This article shows how training needs are identified within the Q 4.0 NETWORK and how a design-thinking process is then used to translate these into quality-assured continuing training provision. It concludes by considering the reception these continuing training programmes have enjoyed thus far and by highlighting future adjustments that may be needed.