Recording informally acquired competences

Making use of the impetuses emerging from European projects

Coverbild: BWP 6/2009
Ausgabe/Jahr (Jahrgang) 6/2009 (38)
Seite(n) 19-23

Informally acquired competences are playing an increasing role within a large number of training contexts in Germany, Europe and across the entire world. It has been widely accepted that such competences represent an important resource and that their recognition constitutes a considerable area of potential for society. This particularly applies to the educational system in Germany, which has previously tended to be aligned towards formal qualifications. The present paper sheds light on current developments in the field of recognition and validation of informally acquired competences. By using selected examples we hope to demonstrate the potential of European development and transfer projects supported in the framework of the EU LEONARDO DA VINCI Programme which could provide an impetus for further developments in Germany.

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